Tripoli Gallery


Since 2005, Tripoli Patterson has married his love for surfing with his love for fine art and has organized, produced and curated contemporary art shows in various locations around the East End and New York City. Now in a space on Jobs Lane in Southampton, Tripoli Gallery has specialized in exhibiting contemporary art since the gallery's inception in 2009. As a gallery that shows the work of and collborates with many artists, the gallery aims to be connected to the history of the demography of the East End. Having presented over 40 shows in the gallery, he has collaborated with various emerging and established artists, curators and international galleries.

Now in its sixth year on Jobs Lane in Southampton, Tripoli Gallery continues to act as a platform for a dynamic artistic dialogue between both local and international artists. By means of contemporary art, Tripoli believes that each exhibition acts as a frozen moment of the artist's history which is recorded, preserved, and globalized.