Tripoli Gallery

Bella McGoldrick

b. 1993, New Zealand

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Bella McGoldrick was raised in Australia and now resides in Downtown Manhattan. Using colored pencils, McGoldrick creates large-scale, highly realistic artworks. Initially drawing cigarette packs that she found on the streets of New York, the artist became curious about the idea of presenting vulgarity in such a perfectionist and precise way. Depicting everyday objects that are recognizable from a distance but never looked at closely, the artist instills into her images feelings of nostalgia or at the very least familiarity, forming a connection with the viewer who may have used or seen the subjects in her images. When magnified, the identities of the subjects are altered as threads of a carpet or jagged edges of text become points of interest. Instead of being confused with a photo, the images explicitly detail what the naked eye cannot or has not seen. Aware of the lowbrow status of her subjects, the artist communicates humor through their representation, while also bringing attention and appreciation to the commonplace.