Charles Manion (b._____, ) studied painting at the School of Visual Arts in the 1980’s. As an artist, he collects objects, many of them discarded by “a careless culture.” In 2016, his work was showcased in the exhibition “Unknown,” at The Ludwig Museum of Koblenz in Germany, curated by Julian Schnabel. In 2016, Manion also showcased his work alongside other abstract artists with ties to the East End of Long Island in the exhibition “Territory,” produced by Crush Curatorial, as well as appearing in a show at TURN Gallery, in the East Village. In 2019, he exhibited his work in the show “ABC” at Ashawagh Hall in Easthampton, NY. Vice Magazine wrote, “Chuck Manion's work is a kind of playful dance between gesture and structure.”
Much of his work is inspired by repurposed materials. Using unconventional materials such as wood pellets, mosquito net, discarded tarps, and driftwood, Manion creates dynamic compositions following the resourcefulness of a fisherman, who will use what he has in the yard to suit his utilitarian needs. In Manion’s case, these materials are what lend to his highly dynamic compositions, as his works blur the line between sculpture and painting. His works give off an aura of abstraction, while still showcasing strong ties to the material world. Each piece transcends the common boundaries of painting, taking on a of its own.