Connie Fox (b. 1925, Fowler, CO) received her BFA from the University of Colorado before moving to Southern California to attend the Art Center School in Los Angeles for a rigorous program of drawing, perspective, rendering, and composition. In 1950, Connie and two friends took off on a 1,000 mile bicycle trip through Europe, riding from Rotterdam north through Scandinavia, then south to Italy, painting and photographing along the way. When she returned, she found an art world bursting with youthful vitality in New York, California and New Mexico, where she went for her Master’s Degree. There she met Robert Mallary, Adja Yunkers and Elaine DeKooning. Connie taught at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Long Island University, Southampton, New York and the Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont. In 2013 she received a Purchase Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. Connie Fox moved to East Hampton in 1979, where she continues to live and work at 97 years old.

Yellow Rainbow, 1972

Oil on Linen
30 x 31.75 inches

The Flower Lifts (Self as Flower), 1967 Indian ink, gold leaf and collage on paper 21 x 30 inches (53.34 x 76.2 cm)
Mountain Waterfall, 1972
Flower Head, 1966 charcoal on paper 40 x 30 inches (101.6 x 76.2 cm)
The Flower as Sarah Bernhardt, 1965 oil on linen 72 x 58.5 inches (182.88 x 148.59 cm)
Five Rainbows, 1971
Presence Within, 2022 oil on canvas 16 x 16 inches (40.64 x 40.64 cm)
Venus of the Golden Bear, 1967 oil on linen 41.5 x 51.5 inches (105.41 x 130.81 cm)
Presence Within, 2022 16 x 16 inches (40.64 x 40.64 cm) oil on canvas
Self Portrait as Flower, 1940 ink on paper 9 x 12 inches (22.86 x 30.48 cm)
Truches Bridge, 1972

Oil on Linen
32.5 x 39 inches

Chinese Bitters, 1967 oil on linen 49 x 59 inches (124.46 x 149.86 cm)
White Morning Glory, 1967 oil on linen 57 x 67 inches (144.78 x 170.18 cm)
Embryonic Flower, 1967 oil on linen 50 x 60 inches (127 x 152.4 cm)
The Flower As Shiva, 1968 oil on linen 48 x 55 inches (121.92 x 139.7 cm)
The Flower as Sarah Bernhardt, 1965 oil on linen 73 x 61 inches (185.42 x 154.94 cm)