Lottie Consalvo (b.1985, Melbourne, Australia) is a Newcastle, Australia based artist, originally from Melbourne and born in Sale Victoria. In 2015 Consalvo was selected to be in residence with Marina Abramovic in Sydney as part of Kaldor Public Art Projects 30. Consalvo also exhibited in Millerntor Gallery#5, Hamburg. In 2018 the artist had her first solo museum exhibition at Heide Museum of Modern Art in Victoria. In 2019 she had a solo exhibitions at Casula Powerhouse with her Horizon video works, as well as a major exhibition at Maitland Regional Art Gallery. Her work has been exhibited internationally, most recently in Germany, Mexico, and New Zealand. Lottie is held in collections including Artbank, Newcastle Art Gallery, Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Gippsland Regional Art Gallery, Macquarie University, Newcastle University, Museum of Art and Culture Lake Macquarie, Allens Law Firm, and The Stevenson Collection (NZ). Lottie is represented by Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney, and Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane.

Lottie Consalvo’s interests lie in our invisible worlds; thought, imagination and dreams are key themes throughout her work. With a practice traversing painting, performance, video, and sculpture, she looks at the physicality of the overwhelming presence of thought and the impact the mind has on all living things. She parallels these natural phenomena of the mind with that of nature by drawing out the mystical properties of the ocean, the horizon, the bush and other species. She parallels this inability to fully understand nature with our inner-worlds and draws out ideas around desire, longing, loss and the ungraspable.

Consalvo’s performances are observations of transformative experiences, often taking form as video or live performances. More recently the artist utilized the imagination of the audience to present a performance where she was not physically present, but rather the audience witnessed her actions within their minds. Her paintings further this conversation where the artist creates a physical presence for thought, imagination, memory, and psychological transitions. Working with a restricted palette across mediums, Consalvo often grasps monumental forms and uses the high contrast of opposing dark and light to mark out a place for the unknown and the intangible.

Nothing Makes Sense But The Trees, 2022 river pebbles and acrylic on board 36 x 48 inches; 38.97 x 51.18 inches framed (91.5 x 121.92 cm; 99 x 130 cm framed)
Send my Love to the Mountains, 2023 river pebbles and acrylic on board 15.75 x 19.69 inches; 18.12 x 22.26 inches framed (40 x 50 cm; 46 x 56.5 cm framed)
Into Another Place, 2022 river pebbles and acrylic on board 19.685 x 23.62 inches; 22.63 x 26.37 inches framed (49.99 x 59.99 cm; 57.50 x 67 cm framed)
I Will See You in the Mountains, 2023 acrylic on board 11.83 x 15.75 inches; 14.76 x 18.52 inches framed (30 x 40 cm; 37.5 x 47 cm framed)
I'll Talk to You Through the Trees, 2023 acrylic on board 15.75 x 19.69 inches; 18.12 x 22.26 inches framed (40 x 50 cm; 46 x 56.5 cm framed)
And the Sun Looked at the Moon, 2021 acrylic, sand, and soil on board 19.68 x 23.62 inches; 22.63 x 26.37 inches framed (49.9 x 59.9 cm; 57.50 x 67.0 cm framed)