Spotlight 3: Thomás Sánchez

Tomás Sánchez, a Cuban artist who lives in Costa Rica and Miami, has been celebrated internationally for his unique exploration of the vast, sublime power of landscape and humankind’s place in it through his paintings. Using an astonishingly detailed and singular approach to paint application, Sánchez’s meditative, relentlessly crafted works bring us in direct contact with the spirit of nature and serve as a portal to be enveloped in his reality.

This tightly focused exhibition features a trio of recent paintings, Thought Cloud, Inner Walker, and Pausa a la orilla, and represents a powerful distillation of this artist’s commitment to the landscape, in the evolution of these different compositions over the last three years in his studio.

Included alongside the paintings is the ASANA floor seat by Mario Milana. In the eastern tradition, asana means “the posture that brings comfort and steadiness.” The ASANA seat allows those interested in meditation to use their appointment time for a short meditation with the paintings. In the context of an empty and silent gallery we are excited to bring the two worlds of meditation and painting together that are so fundamental to Tomás's work and existence.

For press inquiries or further information, please contact or call 631.377.3715.

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Pausa a la orilla, 2020

Tomás Sánchez Pausa a la orilla, 2020 acrylic on canvas 19.75 x 19.75 inches

Inner Walker, 2019

Tomás Sánchez Inner Walker, 2019 acrylic on linen 59 x 43.25 inches (150 x 110 cm)

Thought Cloud, 2017

Tomás Sánchez Thought Cloud, 2017 acrylic on canvas 78 x 98 inches (198.1 x 248.9 cm)

Asana ground chair, 2017

Mario Milana Asana ground chair, 2017 khadi cotton, natural toulipie wood, solid copper 23.6 x 35.4 x 31.5 inches (60 x 90 x 80 cm)